Bone Look Back in Anger: Dog-loving Liam Gallagher helps UK’s Dogs

Oasis lead-singer Liam Gallagher signed a classic Epiphone Casino guitar with All Saints wife Nicole Appleton, their Dachshund ‘Ruby Tuesday’ and TV vet Marc Abraham in the Gibson Guitar Showroom in Central London to launch PUP AID 2010 – the UK’s first charity boutique music festival and fun celebrity-judged dog show.

(Left to right) TV Vet Marc Abraham, Liam Gallagher with the signed Epiphone Casino guitar, Nicole Appleton and ‘Ruby Tuesday’ (Please credit Gareth Gatrell)

PUP AID 2010 – taking place in Brighton on Sept 19th – aims to raise awareness about the cruel industry of puppy farming – basically the battery farming of dogs in the UK purely for profit. co-founder Marc, who’s also the resident vet on ITV’s This Morning and Sky1’s My Pet Shame, commented: “As a massive Oasis fan I’m honoured Liam and Nicole are involved and helping me to promote dog welfare as well as raising much-needed funds for both rescue and the research into the health and happiness of all dogs.”

Marc advises that: “People looking for a dog should always approach the Kennel Club for their list of Accredited Breeders or consider adopting from a rescue shelter instead.

“Never buy pups online, from pet shops or free newspaper ads, as these are usually farmed pups which – if they survive the first few days – will often develop severe behavioural and/or medical problems that can often be both impossible and expensive to fix – leading to pain and suffering as well as family heartbreak.

“Always insist on seeing the pup interacting with it’s mother and beware of scams. Please remember that you may think you’re ‘rescuing’ the pup – but its mother’s still suffering and now must produce another pup you’ve just made room for.”

This uniquely signed Epiphone Casino guitar will now do a tour of the festivals to gain even more legendary dog-loving signatures and will finally be auctioned at the PUP AID 2010 event with monies raised going to Dogs Trust, Kennel Club Charitable Trust, and Oldies Club – a small charity dedicated to the re-homing of older unwanted dogs.

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Jo-Emma Larvin will be chatting about puppy farming and this weekend’s Puppy Farm Awareness Day in Brighton with hosts Ian Wright, Melinda Messinger and Kate Walsh on tonight’s edition of ‘Live from Studio Five’.

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