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All change for British Bulldog breed standard

It’s the end of an era for the iconic British Bulldog; but happily the start of a brand new much healthier one. The Kennel Club has radically changed the Bulldog’s breed standards as part of their continuing commitment to the future health and welfare of all dogs.

Improvements include a smaller head, less facial skin-folds, longer legs and a leaner body. In time these changes will deliver less classic breed-specific problems such as difficulties in the animals’ breathing coupled with exercise and heat tolerance, which are all directly affected by an elongated soft palate, narrowed nostrils and a flattened face. The greatest change however will simply be the reduced number of caesarian sections required to actually bring them into the world.

With their new slim-line design featuring shrunken head, fewer bitches will require general anaesthetic accompanied by some major abdominal surgery – just to deliver them. Sadly this practice is still common with Belgian Blue cattle – they are just too big to be born naturally and as a result one cow can have up to nine caesarians in her lifetime, usually all just a year apart and one after the other.

Many other popular breeds, like the German Shepherd and Bloodhound are also due exciting new re-vamps. It’s all change in the Pedigree Dog world, and if Obama, the States and our human world is anything to go by, change can only mean good news for all.

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Bulldog on Wikipedia: praised in Parliament Early Day Motion

In the first of two Early Day Motions (EDMs) for a debate on animal welfare, Bob Spink MP has praised for its work in promoting positive pet ownership. He also highlighted our role in increasing the public’s understanding of companion animals.

Entitled ‘Promoting the Welfare of Pets and Responsibilities of Pet Owners under the Animal Welfare Act’, the EDM is already gaining massive support from fellow MP’s.

Mr Spink, MP for Castle Point, Essex, said “This House congratulates the creators of a new and free internet site – Marc Abraham and Andrew Seel. We believe this website will increase public understanding of pets, promote more and better pet-friendly services and enable people to obtain more enjoyment from their pets and improve animal welfare.”

Check it out here has launched!

After a lot of hard work, sweat and tears, has finally launched, providing reviews, information and advice – by pet owners, for pet owners.

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